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Education & Academic Research
The greater San Diego metropolis in Southern California harbors one of the premier conglomerates of biomedical research. Both branches of the California higher education system, the University of California and the California State University, have a campus located in San Diego with a total enrollment of some 50K students. The research and teaching activities at these Universities are complemented by The Scripps Research Institute, the Salk Institute for Biological Science, and The Burnham Institute. Both are nonprofit organization focussing on basic research, but are also involved in teaching programs through the public Universities and their own programs (Scripps Graduate Programs in Biology and Chemistry). is of course not the first and will hopefully not be the last organization dedicated to similar ideas. A good example is the San Diego Science Alliance  (SDSA). Founded in 1996 this group of industry representatives "is dedicated to the support of math and science literacy and education in grades K-12 within the greater San Diego, California area. SDSA is committed to fostering excellence in science education through its network of businesses, educators and scientists." Science literacy is concerned with the non-scientist, the overwhelming majority of students and adults who experience mostly a random, spotty, and sometimes frustrating interaction with science. is dedicated to to make science understandable and interesting to exactly this deserving majority.

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Industry Research & Development
With molecular biology spinning off into recombinant gene- and biotechnology during the 1980s, some 140 plus biotechnology companies have proliferated in San Diego county. The traditional boarder between academia and industry that typified the European higher education system has been replaced by a dynamic market place between publicly funded and proprietary research. In fact, the influx of venture capital has provided a many university professor with the opportunity to spin off his or her most profitable ideas into a for-profit enterprise. The next-generation molecular biologist better double major in science and business.

San Diego still attracts major pharmaceutical companies willing to expand or relocate  their R&D departments. Among them the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation specializing on functional genomics, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C., and Pfizer Global Research enlarging their presence in pharmaceutical in genomics based drug discovery. For a more complete list of San Diego based biotechnology research browse the member listing of Biocom.

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What better place than San Diego to promote science education and scientific literacy? Yet physical closeness between industry and academic institutions does not guarantee intellectual exchange, it rather hardens real or perceived compartmentalization. Of course, what can be achieved is a matter of priorities and dedication.'s  raison d'être is to help exchange values and ideas nourished by the many interest groups in a larger community across the boundaries between those groups, to make it known what is taught in the local class rooms and what is being researched in the nearby laboratories.

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